Natural Gas Rebates - Residential Customers

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Get a rebate on new, natural gas heating equipment
SavingsCentral offers rebates of up to $1,500 on energy efficient heating equipment. This is for residential electric customers who upgrade their heating systems with specific types of energy efficient equipment, such as natural gas furnaces and boilers.

You must use a SavingsCentral Trade Ally to qualify for SavingsCentral rebates. Trade Allies are listed here. Please use this list to get quotes for the installation of energy efficient equipment at your home.

Rebate levels are based on energy efficiency. Our natural gas furnace and boiler thermal efficiency requirements include measures of the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating, and thousands of British thermal units per hour (KBTUH).

Type of equipment Eligibility Rebate
Furnace AFUE>=92% and KBTUH<=225 $200
Furnace AFUE>=95% and KBTUH<=225 $400
Combi-furnace incentive AFUE>=95% and KBTUH<=225 $675
ECM furnace fan*   $100
Water boiler AFUE>=90% and KBTUH<=300 $750
Steam boiler AFUE>=82% and KBTUH<=300 $250
Combi-boiler incentive AFUE>=90% and KBTUH<=300 $1,000
Boiler reset control Listed on sales receipt $125
Indirect water heater Listed on sales receipt $250
Programmable WiFi thermostat
(Maximum of two per application)
Listed on sales receipt $40

* An ECM is an electronically commutated DC motor. There is a lot less power needed to operate this when compared to an AC motor, and this type of motor usually features built-in processors that allow it to be programmed.

How to Get Your Rebate:
1) Choose a SavingsCentral Trade Ally and get quotes for the installation.
2) Get a rebate form here or from your Trade Ally. Fill it out completely and mail it to the address on the form.
3) Allow four to six weeks to receive your rebate check in the mail. It's that easy.